Read an article from La Salle University's newspaper, The Collegian, that celebrates Writers Matter's fifth year of activity in the Philadelphia area.


Read "Writing For Their Lives", a bold project from The Philadelphia Inquirer in which a class of Philadelphia eighth graders explored the violence and pain in their world through shared journals, revealing their feelings and fears in a transforming experience. In a five-part series, The Inquirer chronicles their journey.


Learn more and listen to "Sweet Memories of Beloved Children" the story of how the classroom of a Writers Matter teacher, Michael Galbraith, took on a project to acknowledge the rising gun violence in Philadelphia. They interviewed parents of murdered school-age children. Throughout the year, they recorded the memories, the heartbreak, and the broken dreams of parents and grandparents left behind.


Read a BBC article about how journaling in the classroom, in this case with the Writers Matter program, is a powerful technique to help students learn more and be more positively engaged in their surroundings.


Please scroll to page 7 of the Philadelphia Core Team Newsletterto read about some of the specifics of what Writers Matter is doing in Philadelphia's middle schools.